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Security Paper

We have over 90 years of experience in the use of technology, manufacturing processes and R&D for new products, which is why we are a leader in the Mexican market and the main supplier of security paper for checks, ballots and all types of valuable documents.


  • Chemically sensitized
  • Biologically sensitized
  • Sensitized to ink removers and solvents
  • Fluorescent planchettes and fibers, both visible and invisible
  • Thermochromic planchettes or microtext
  • Genuine and exclusive watermarks (Fourdrinier)
  • Arrow Lock® toner adhesion
  • Galaxy security effects
  • Visible and invisible bicolor fibers
  • Visible color planchettes
  • Invisible planchettes
  • Immediate identification with secure- check markers


  • Minimizes the risk of forgery documents and values
  • Paper can be manufactured with the client’s personalized watermark
  • Guaranteed for use with any type of printing equipment