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Copamex cares about the environment and its natural resources, which is why it contributes to improve and preserve the environment through direct actions that work towards ecological balance.

Copamex Recycled provides integral services to take care of non-hazardous residue management. This contributes in creating a recycling culture and brings direct benefits for the preservation of our environment.

Copamex Recycled has been offering its recycling services for cardboard, paper, newspaper, all types of plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and platforms for over 30 years. Additionally, its Espacio Verde Program offers integral waste management for offices.

Copamex Recycled provides personalized service, scheduled pick-ups, in site specialized equipment, detailed reports of collected materials and environmental impact, security, reliability and on-time payments. Our clients get the following benefits: earnings from the sale of residues, savings on waste management, space optimization, and tidiness, among others.

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