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Mexico’s Leading Paper

With our first plant established in 1928, we have been working hard to provide you with paper products that make life easier. The visionary ideas of our founder turned a rising company into a reference for Mexican entrepreneurship, transforming Fábrica Abastecedora de Bolsas into Consorcio Papelero Mexicano, now Copamex.

Due to our renowned brands and our ability for adjusting to our client’s needs, we maintain leadership in all markets that we venture in. At Copamex we are proud to be known for our quality, innovation skills and versatility.

Our History

History is written on paper.

Copamex was founded in May 1928 as a small company that manufactured and commercialized paper bags called Fabrica Abastecedora de Bolsas.

In 1935, under the leadership of our founder, a visionary entrepreneur, the company bought machinery abroad, conquered new territories and gained a stronger presence within the market.

In a few years, Copamex expanded to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Chihuahua, where it supplied several types of paper bags.

Sacos de Papel de Monterrey was founded in 1952. It manufactured bags for cement, plaster, chemicals and other products. Later on, thanks to its active participation in the market, the company expanded by manufacturing kraft paper, rag paper and carton.

The sixties and seventies were times of growth, and the companies that belonged to Consorcio Papelero Mexicano, now Copamex, set the cornerstones for the Mexican paper industry.

The eighties were an important time span for some of the companies belonging to the Copamex group. Due to the high demand for synthetic bags, Bolsas Maldonado was forced to shut down.

During the nineties, environment damages made by synthetic materials were seriously considered by consumers and there was a boom within the paper industry once again.

Copamex currently employs over 3,000 people and has expanded to new markets. Its vertical integration within the paper industry, as well as the manufacturing of paper products with added value, allow Copamex to set trends for new industrial development.

Copamex manufactures Printing and Writing papers, Specialty Paper, Kraft Paper, Corrugated Carton Boxes, Chemical by-products, and provides recycling services.